About our Music Studio

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Allegro Knoxville Music Studio started as a family run business. Over the past several years our studio has grown by adding many more teachers and offering many types of new lessons and classes for the community. We truly care about our students and music families and they become like family to us. Many of our students start as preschoolers and stay with us until they graduate high school. At Allegro Knoxville Music Studio we want it to be a positive and caring experience for our students. We strive to help them grow musically, intellectually, emotionally and to develop self-esteem and confidence in our students. Our experienced teachers are committed to find creative ways to keep their students motivated to practice and succeed. We want to empower students with musical skills that will serve them a lifetime.​



  • We provide quality music lessons that are engaging, educational and inspiring.
  • We treat each student as a unique individual and design a personalized learning environment that will best meet their learning styles.


  • We value our students and families and work hard to achieve a good working relationship between teacher, student and parent. When we work together we are able to provide the most positive and rewarding experience.
  • We provide a well-rounded curriculum. We believe in teaching our students different styles of music, about composers, techniques and skills, theory, composition, confidence, improvisation and creativity.

Our Instructors


Ms. Susan

Ms. Susan has taught music both privately and in the public school
systems for over 35 years. Ms. Susan teaches preschool classes, music theory, composition, piano, voice, harp and ukelele. She enjoys sharing the love of music with her students. Ms. Susan loves teaching students of all ages: from her little toddlers in the “Mommy and Me” classes to her senior citizens. She loves watching her students learn and teaching them that music can be a life-long journey.


Ms. Allison

Miss Allison has taught music at Allegro Knoxville Music Studio for over ten years. She has studied music since she was a very young child. She teaches music theory, piano, harp, guitar and ukelele in group lessons, semi-private, and private lessons. Miss Allison enjoys figuring out each students learning style and creates a plan to best help them achieve their musical goals

Mr. Mark

Mr. Mark has taken music lessons since he was a preschooler and still
enjoys taking lessons himself. He wants to always keep trying to improve his skills in music. And as he tells his students, “You can never learn everything there is to know about music.” Mr. Mark has taught music theory, guitar (acoustic and electric) and bass at Allegro Knoxville Music Studio for over ten years. He strives to bring out the musicality in each and every student so they will want to be life-long learners.

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